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Analogue - Digital Transfers (to CD-Rom)
Clean up and re-master your old tapes, cassettes or records and put them onto CD! We can transfer almost anything onto CD-Rom, including music, film, video, speech, photos, text and graphics. We can even produce mini CD-Rom 'business cards' at affordable prices - a great way to promote your company, band and music products!

Home Recording Re-Mixing & Mastering
Re-mix or re-master your home recordings from any format to professional standards. Add vocals, overdubs and special effects. Mix down onto DAT or CD with the help of a top producer and make your demos sound like HITS!

Music Business Advice & Management
We're always on the lookout for new bands, singers and songwriters who have what it takes, and we're well connected at the highest level of the music industry with a good track record. So, Avoid the pitfalls... Get some advice... Learn about the music business!

Artwork & Sleeve Design
Our team of professional designers can create original 'High Impact', stimulating artwork for Posters, Flyers, CD sleeves, Vinyl and Cassette sleeves etc.. Manufacturing, Pressing & DuplicationCDs / Cassettes / Videos / Vinyl... all at low prices.