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was born in the dank, drab, suffocating corner of a suburban nightmare.
From Long Island, New York where the morbid past-time of wife swapping was perfected into an art form-
NONE MORE EVIL vent all the rage, confusion and disillusionment of a scorned lover and shattered heart through their heavy, beautiful, melodic, and brutal music.
NONE MORE EVIL craft their songs of loss, anger, disbelief, and sorrow with crushing guitar riffs and powerful vocals adding the occasional sensitivity and the darkest of humor...
mullets, anyone?

A four piece rock band from BROOKLYN that culls its various influences into a sound that is at once ball-crushing, in-your-face metal, while at the same time delivering entrancing melodies along the lines of Creed, Godsmack and Stone Temple Pilots.
The guys of Theorem - vocalist Darren Galvani, guitarist Richie Toto, bassist Nino Valenti and drummer Chris Loggia - have been hitting the NY area with shows that engage every member and calls for people to drop their drinks and bang alongside with the best of them.

The band originated in 2004, coming together from other bands and years of effort. It first tried to write Linkin Park formulaic music due to label persuasions and demands. They then realized that was not the sound they were after; instead, they wanted to write darker, moody, and beautiful songs. The band consists of three distinctive musicians from New York. Hugo, Richard, and Michael and their admirable producer and engineer Jake. Hugo, singer and keyboardist has added his influences from his love for rock and his experiences with his hip hop and R&B productions to help craft its unique melodies and rhythm. Richard, guitarist, singer and songwriter, has provided his artistic skills to express harmonic and acoustic emotion. Jake, his overwhelming support and years of experience as a musician, producer, and engineer has led the band to truly articulate its musical experimentation. Michael, an exceptional drummer has given the band its dynamic foundation. His natural attributes has built his endurance and creativity on the drums with such ease to give off his energetic chemistry. This mixture of talent has put together a musical understanding in which they are all ecstatic about, a blend of alternative, indie, with metal influences.